About Us

Since 1983, Abacı Group operates in women's apparel sector. With the years of experience in woven fabric (poly viscose, cotton, wool, cotton fabric, polyester, etc.), we have been able to create original designs and formed a deep understanding of quality. So that, we realized to be one among the most significant Turkish brands in textile industry in a short term.

We successfully maintained the corporate identity while adapting to the changing industrial enviroment and market conditions. Within this framework, Abacı Group always managed to renew the vision and raise the standards in the face of evolving conditions and new challenges.

We have strengthened the corporate identity and successfully established cooperation with the other bussiness partners all over the world.

Abacı Group enables added value to the economy of our country. In this context, the factory was built on the area of 4000 square and it has been manufacturing in total of 3,500 sq. meter production area. The Firm also has distribution channels such as the wholesale store in Zeytinburnu/Istanbul and 11 retail branches throughout Turkey. Abaci Group has reached up to 450,000 - 500,000 pieces of women's outerwear production capacity per year.

As of opening our new office in London/UK named as Abaci Online Ltd, we are providing a better service to Europe in general. And also in the beginning of May 2018, we have opened our Sydney/Australia department under the sign of Abaci Australia PTY and in California/USA as "Abaci USA LLC".

Abaci Clothing, not only managed to realize a number of varied fabrics pruduction but also is very strict on delivery timeline.

As Abacı Group, we always aim to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level by combining our quality production along with the best cost and price.

In this vein, We are constantly participating in National and International fairs in order to determine our customers’ needs and be in close relationship with them. As a result of this vision, we have won the right of manufacturing the flight crew’s uniforms of Royal Dutch Airlines KLM and Transavia Airlines. Presently our production for modest clothing for Middle East countries is continuing. In addition, we attach importance to the private label jobs.

Within this framework we are producing the collections for Daylliance (Netherlands), BModest (Lebanon), Junaid Jamshed-Almirah (Pakistan), Yours Trully (Lebanon) and Hijab House (Australia).

Apart from the usual production, we also export all kinds of textile accessories (zippers, buttons, etc.). We have standed in a number of international events such as London Modest Fashion Week, Torino Fashion Week, Who’s Next, Première Vision etc.

During those events, our products have always been remarkable. From international press, Le Figaro made an interview with us and Daily Mail made news about the products.

We are a member of The Netherlands-Turkey Business Association (NETUBA) which is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Netherlands Chambers of Commerce. Abacı Group is also a member of Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) that is counterpart in Turkey of NETUBA. We are a member of the DEIK that is a counterpart of the Chamber of Commerce and industry in Johannesburg with the Black Business Council. We are also member of The General Confederation of Italian Industry (Italian: Confederazione generale dell'industria italiana), commonly known as Confindustria, is the Italian employers' federation and national chamber of commerce, founded in 1910 which is an initiative of the Italian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Italian Chambers of Commerce.